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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Where is the outrage when humans are abused?

This commentary piece from Roland S. Martin posted on CNN caught my attention. Mainly because it is true. The animal case cruelty my Michael Vick draw national attention and outrage. However, hideous crimes are committed to humans on a daily basis and for some reason we do not react with the same level of national outrage. I guess we all feel nauseated and disgusted and angry when we hear about certain cases like the recent Megan Williams abuse, but it doesn't reach the level of a Vick's case. When Michael Jackson held his child in the air outside that balcony or Britney Spear was photographed driving with her child in her arms on the drivers seat, there was national outrage. When a woman, a child or an elder is abused, again we feel disgusted, but there is no national outrage. I guess it happens so frequently that we get hardened by it. The media shares part of the responsibility by pumping more coverage to celebrity-related stories. However at the end, is the reader's fault because we are the consumers of media stories. If we change our news consuming habits rejecting sensationalism and demanding action at each single case, I think we will be better at the end, even if it takes more work from us and the authorities initially.

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