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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Healthcare as a luxury

I was reading a book of health care economics and I was astonished that according to the authors, health care is not a basic necessity. Water is a necessity, food is a necessity, but health care is not according to those authors. So health care is what is called a luxury! I am sure that in going to be more than a few that call that argument idiotic and therefore who wrote it, idiots. A yacht is a luxury, because the lack of a yacht won't kill you. But lack of health care (as lack of food, water or shelter) will kill you. But I agree that health care has become a luxury in the United States. Only those with money can afford proper health care.

As long as we do not recognize how important is that each person in this country have access to proper health care, we are definitely not the most civilized nation of the planet.

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