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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Is General Petraeus credible?

Gen. Petraeus is as credible as independent his actions and words are from Bush and Cheney. And because we know that his words and actions cannot be too far from the White House then the good General cannot be 100% credible. His anxiously expected report will be sanitized first by the Bush administration, so I expect more of the same b.s. we have been hearing from Bush. That it has been tough over there, but some progress that cannot be ignored has been made and we should give it a little more time to see if it works. Then he throw a little bone to democrats by saying that we could bring home a few troops on spring if current progress continues. At the end it would be just more of the same "staying the course". The course of war, wasting money and lives; both American and Iraqi.

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