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Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Health" message from the Conservative newsletter Human Events

The sample below, taken from the right wing newsletter Human Events attacks healthy food, while promotes unhealthy food consumerism. 


  • Which "so called" health foods are actually making your body store tons of stubborn, ugly body fat. 

  • Why you must, must, must eat lots of food in order to finally shed the pounds and why many people have been falsely led to believe the complete opposite."
When you put 1+1 together, you can see the message behind this campaign. If you eat lots of food that is NOT Healthy Food, what does remain?Can you guess? Yes! Processed "foods", which lobby I am sure paid for it.

Really ridiculous how millions of Americans let themselves being manipulated as puppets for corporate profits.

50 Photos from the 50-State Rallies to Save the American Dream | MoveOn.Org

Class war is inevitable

Many revolutions have happened in the past precisely when the ruling

elite class went too far in owning the wealth of a nation. When the

gap between the rich and the rest became too big and the government

was deaf because the ruling elite also IS the government, revolution

was the only option left for social justice. Some revolutions like the

French Revolution were violent and bloodbath. But a some have happened

by citizens forcing change within the system. A violent revolution in

the United States must not be an option, but when desperate, people

don't listen to reason. When desperate any option is precisely that,

an option. There is real danger of social unrest created by this

wealth inequity we are experiencing. I consider this wealth inequity a


and it should be acknowledged as that by the President and Congress

and take urgent action to address it. The bad news is that it may be

too late for people to hope action from the President and Congress, as

it appears the people representing these institutions are not only too

deep into the pockets of this ruling elite class, but many of them are

actually members of the ruling elite class. The ONLY OPTION then left

to The People is to force change (within the system I hope) by

electing only officers committed to social justice and to close this

gap in wealth ownership. If no one takes action, expect then social

and political unrest on the streets of the United States. This means

that electing a new slate of cleaner politicians unlinked as much as

possible from corporate influence has become a civic duty for all

Americans who want to solve this inequity problem without resorting to

violence. A class war is inevitable. The question is if it will be a

violent war, or a "civic war" with citizens forcing change within the

system. I hope for the latter and not the former.

It's the Inequality, Stupid

How Rich Are the Superrich? A huge share of the nation's economic growth over the past 30 years has gone to the top one-hundredth of one percent, who now make an average of $27 million per household. The average income for the bottom 90 percent of us? $31,244.

Class war is inevitable. Many revolutions have happened in the past precisely when the ruling elite class went too far in controlling the wealth of a nation.

Friday, February 25, 2011

"it's not that the working class has abandoned Democrats. It's just the opposite: The Democratic Party has largely abandoned the working class"
"it's not that the working class has abandoned Democrats. It's just the opposite: The Democratic Party has largely abandoned the working class"
Who's Winning?

House Republicans want to cut WIC by 10%

Why? The conservative philosophy. If you are rich, it is because you are smart and work hard. (not to mention the constant lobbying to shift taxpayer$ to wasteful contracts and special interests). On the same token, if you are poor, it is because you are dumb and lazy. So, why waste precious tax dollars helping "dumb" and "lazy" poor people? Precious dollars that could be "better used" if given to the rich "to create jobs" ( like those many jobs that GOP created during the their Bush administration, after trillion$ in wealth were transferred to the top 2%). Also poor people are a core Democratic constituency, so why help them. Better to break them and starve them, like they are trying to do with another Democratic constituency, organized labor. At the end it is all political.

Conference Call to Defend Social Security & Worker's Rights

DFA Member -  

I don't know about you, but I am getting sick of this crap. People are really hurting. Jobs are not coming back fast enough, people are still losing their homes, and what are Republicans doing? The GOP is using the budget crisis to wage a war on working people.

Join our DFA Live call on Tues., March 1 at 8PM EST with Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) to talk about what Republicans are planning to do and what you can do to stop them.

From Wisconsin to Washington D.C., Republicans are taking advantage of a crisis they created when they gave away tax cuts to the rich. 

Seriously, Speaker Boehner is threatening to shut down the government by March 4th if they can't cut funding of groceries for low-income pregnant women and children, but two months ago he insisted upon tax cuts for people making more than a quarter of a million dollars a year. 

That's not all, Republicans in Congress are insisting on cutting many vital programs to support police, fire fighters, teachers, nurses, and the list goes on and on. Not to mention the fact that even though Social Security does not contribute to the deficit, Republicans are insisting that cuts to Social Security should be on the table. 

This DFA Live will also feature Nancy Altman, Co-Director of Social Security Works. She will explain how the budget, Social Security and jobs are linked and what we can do to protect the vital programs that keep our communities strong. 

Sign up now for the DFA Live on March 1 at 8PM EST with Sen. Sherrod Brown and Nancy Altman.

Cuts to Social Security and other vital programs are job killers. Speaker Boehner says that if the Republicans kill jobs, then "So be it." 

We believe Americans deserve a budget that creates jobs and protects vital programs with no cuts to Social Security. 

Join our DFA Live on Tues., March 1 at 8PM to learn more about the issues and find out what you can do beforeMarch 4th to stop the Republicans. 

Thanks for everything you do, 


Levana Layendecker, Communication Director 
Democracy for America


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Wisconsin Is a Battleground Against the Billionaire Kochs' Plan to Break Labor's Back |

Scott Walker says the budget shortfall is $137M, but Scott Walker & WI GOP already spent already over $140M in special interests projects. You do the math if the shortfall comes workers wages and benefits or Republicans shifting public money to the same interests that fund their campaigns.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Robert Reich: No need to raise social security retirement age or cut benefits

If SS taxes again 90% of payrolls as it was before (it has gone down to 84% due the growth of income inequality, aka, more income concentrated in rich people), and it's also indexed so it keeps taxing 90% of payrolls, guess what? Social Security problems are solved permanently, it means forever. At current levels, taxing again 90% of payrolls means that the current max SS taxable salary of $106,000 increases to $185,000, which is a very small price to pay to guarantee the solvency of Social Security permanently.

Guess who opposes? Yes, (1) greedy rich people, whose retirement is pretty much secured and in their infinite greed want to squeeze as much as possible from the treasury; (2) greedy corporations, to avoid the matching contribution, regardless if it means their own workforce living a retirement of misery (especially when they are also eliminating pension plans and 401k have been a failure).

But there is more, actually the bad news. This proposal was originally considered by President Obama to be proposed with the budget, but guess what? He bactracked. Why? I don't know. I just hope it wasn't another betrayal to satisfy his new friends; rich people and corporations.

This is sensible, realistic proposal we must back and push, push and push until enacted. There cannot be defeat as defeat will mean the death of social security and a retirement of misery for future generations.

Taking Hostages: The GOP Strategy

Same way GOP in Congress held middle class hostage until Obama, Dems surrendered, Scott Walker is taking thousands of workers hostage hoping workers surrender
Continued public education, especially during "off-season" is the only way we can inoculate the public against the media campaigns that the top 2%, their corporations and their puppets (Republicans & many Democrats) are waging against all the Liberal ideas that work for the people, but not for them ( and it will get much, much worse).

Our 2 main sins

All Liberal sectors are guilty of precisely the same sins: allow the Right to define their movements and not educating the public at large. From workers rights to environment to women rights to etc. For example, it is interesting to hear blue collar workers to say that they believe unions served no purpose. For example, it has been a long time since I hear anyone reminding ALL American workers that unions help push the wages and salaries of ALL workers upwards. Another example, I have never seen a flyer in some car's windshield in some mall in some day explaining about women rights or worker's rights or dangers of global warming or economic advantages of immigration reform or why we need universal healthcare. If we wait until an issue moves to the front burner on CNN or MSNBC or Faux News to start an education campaign, we have wasted half the time already. This is even more important when in a media battle we can never outmatch the Koch brothers & the US Chamber of Commerce.

It's Class War

It's not union vs anti-union. It's poor and middle class vs rich, corporations and their Republicans puppets who want to getter richer at the expense of worker's wages and benefits.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Republican Terrorism in Wisconsin

WI Gov Scott Walker terrorizing & blackmailing Wisconsin residents & workers. Threatens to start firing more workers if the unions that did not support him do not yield & surrender their rights to him. Even though those unions already gave up to all his financial demands. Scott Walker is just a vulgar right wing nut job. The typical conservative to whom workers worth nothing & corporations are everything.

Scott Walker's SOS to the Koch Brothers

DSSC: Democrats are continuing to stand up to Gov. Scott Walker and the radical Republican agenda, and people from all over are voicing their solidarity with Wisconsin’s teachers and other workers. But Walker is pushing back hard. The billionaire Koch brothers have even gotten involved – busing in tea party protesters. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Faces Backlash For Threatening Public Workers With National Guard

Summary of the process to recall elected officers in Wisconsin
Wisconsin must recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. It needs to go from just talk and wishful thinking to real action.

Corporate Criminals

OEN: Time to Topple Corporate Dictators

"...Here at home, the political system is a two-party dictatorship whose gerrymandering results in most electoral districts being one-party fiefdoms. The two Parties block the freedom of third parties and independent candidates to have equal access to the ballots and to the debates. Another barrier to competitive democratic elections is big money, largely commercial in source, which marinates most politicians in cowardliness and sinecurism..."

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We (Liberals) are becoming moronized on message management

Just reacting to RWNJ stupid comment (Palin, Beck, Bachmann) "it’s no substitute for a liberalism that tells its own story, on its own timeline, and lets the right react." The right still controls the timeline and selection of topics for media and public discussion.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Obama budget just plays into the conservative long term strategy of dismantling our middle class. Something that would transform U.S. workers into cheap labor with meager wages and minimum benefits (just like their favorite outsourcing places). All to benefit corporate profits and the top 2% who are the owners of the corporations.

Politico notices some paradoxes in Obama budget

"He bets big on education spending — an 11 percent increase next year — while altering the Pell Grant program to try to save the aid levels now allowed for college students from the poorest families. The National Institutes of Health would grow by about $1 billion, even as old anti-poverty programs and heating assistance would be cut. And $62 billion in Medicare savings would be plowed back into paying physicians who care for the elderly."

HuffPo highlights on Obama budget

"President Barack Obama, less than two months after signing tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans into law, is proposing a budget to congress that attacks programs that assist the working poor, help the needy heat their homes, expand access to graduate-level education and undermine that type of community-based organizations that gave the president his start in Chicago."

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Progressive Strategy Handbook

Introducing the Progressive Strategy Handbook
Joe Brewer, Truthout: "We are tired of sitting idly by hoping that our elected officials will set a bold and visionary agenda for progressive change. We know that our political system is fundamentally broken and that swapping out one corporate-sponsored politician for another is only going to preserve, if not strengthen, the status quo. And we’re tired of waiting for wealthy progressives to get the message that they need to fund a movement, not just another election cycle... Are you ready to build the progressive movement that America desperately needs? This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. We’ve finished writing the Progressive Strategy Handbook that you - the community - paid for last fall through a crowdfunding campaign. So you want to be part of a real progressive movement?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good News

These good news from CNN: Where have the moderate Democrats gone?
Joe Lieberman, Jane Harman and Jim Webb have all recently announced they will be retiring from Congress. Add to this the news that funding for the Democratic Leadership Council has dried up and it will be closing its doors, and that the self-described moderate Blue Dog coalition of House Democrats has dwindled from 54 members last year to 25 this year and we can draw a lamentable conclusion: It's the end of the moderate Democratic party.

And my take is that it hasn't been too fast or too soon. The Republican Recession would have ended sooner, employment would have been higher, Democrats would still control the House and would have even higher majority in the Senate if the wimpy "moderate" Democrats would have been gone sooner. Moderate Democrat is just code name for the same corporate politicians that control the Republican Party and answer to the Chamber of Commerce. They are here to keep the status quo and slow change to the minimum because the current system make rich people even richer so fast and easy. Why change it if it ain't broken?

Only real Liberal leaders in office implementing real Liberal policies will take the government away from billionaires, back in the hands of the people and the nation on the road to real prosperity.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Obama bows to the Corporate Hierarchy Running America

Obama Urges US Corporations To "Invest In America"   To mostly positive media reviews, President Obama yesterday addressed  the Chamber of Commerce in Washington. Though a number of stories describe the reception afforded the President as rather chilly, the coverage tends to present him as focused on the economic recovery, and reaching out to his political opponents in order to spark job creation.

       ABC World News said the President "delivered an urgent message to the companies to get in the game, start spending money and hiring workers -- throwing down a gauntlet but also trying to build a bridge." The CBS Evening News said "Obama continued his campaign to improve relations with business," urging "corporate America to invest the nearly $2 trillion it has saved up and start hiring again." The Los Angeles Times  recounts "there was little hearty applause, and after the president shook a few hands and walked back to the White House, Chamber members were guarded in their reviews of his message."

       The New York Times  reports that "the chamber, too, is eager to tone down the rhetoric, according to senior officials there. At the height of the high-profile fight with the White House, several big-name companies left its board, citing concern about the chamber's opposition to the administration's efforts."

       The Washington Post's  Dana Milbank writes that "Obama at times paused after what should have been applause lines, but the room was so quiet that the air could be heard coming out of the vents, as when he vowed to take 'domestic discretionary spending down to the lowest share of our economy since Eisenhower was president.' No applause."

       Bloomberg News  reports that in his remarks, "Obama said he is doing his part to improve the business climate after a free- trade agreement with South Korea, a deal to extend Bush-era tax cuts, and a State of the Union address that proposed more government support for infrastructure and 'innovation.'" Politico  says a "decoding of" Obama's speech "also offers the first whiff of the desperation inside the White House about the slowness of the economic recovery, the high unemployment figures, and the need to get the business community fully engaged in turning things around."

       The AP  reports that "some liberals bristled at Obama's outreach." Christy Setzer, "spokeswoman for US Chamber Watch, a pro-labor group," said, "While...Obama calls on businesses to invest in America, the only thing the US Chamber's investing in is their own bottom line -- lining the pockets of corporate CEOs while shipping the jobs of hard-working Americans overseas."

        News Analysis: Obama Wins Media Over With Centrist Moves   Politico  reports on Obama's reaction to the November election, noting that the "three-month metamorphosis says something about Obama's survival skills," but it "says even more about the mainstream media: Obama is playing the press like a fiddle." Obama is "doing it by exploiting some of the most long-standing traits among reporters who cover politics and government - their favoritism for politicians perceived as ideologically centrist and willing to profess devotion to Washington's oft-honored, rarely practiced civic religion of bipartisanship."

NSP Analysis: Instead of a New Deal Program to help Middle Income People, the Poor, those losing their homes and the 18% of Americans unemployed or severely underemployed, or at least trying to help Americans explain why the corporate elite has experienced a major economic recovery but pocketed the money rather than create jobs for the unemployed or agree to plans for government to help, OIbama chose to beg America's corporate elite to do what Democrats used to know was the task of government inside a capitalist society: provide help to allleviate the suffering of those most wounded by the "free marketplace." So what we get is a government pleading with the rich to be more generous, and the elites of wealth respond with indifference and private satisfaction that the forces that once might have challenged them are instead now simply wimpering in despair. And the rest of us? Too traumatized by the thought of a Republican victory in 2012 to seriously challenge the Obama Administration on any front. Not so, the NSP--please read and then help usn seek city council endorsements and endorsements from your other elected officials (particularly Congressional reps who will soon be approaching you for donations for their next campaigns) for our ESRA--Environmental and Social Responsibility Amendment to the U.S. Constitution--the only way the power situation in the US could change back in favor of real democracy in the U.S.  Please read it at   

2 Obama Betrayals in one Day:

1. Abandons Egyptian Democracy Demonstrators' Demand to Oust Mubarak 

2. Embraces US Chamber of Commerce

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Charles and David Koch, the infamous #Koch Brothers, who are worth $22 billion each had their semiannual "billionaires summit" last weekend, were they discussed their ideas to influence elections, legislation and court decisions in favor of rich people, corporations. All by the best way to either get conservative puppets elected or control the ones already elected. It was good that progressives were at Rancho Mirage, CA to bring public attention to this conservative attempt to hijack democracy ( The Koch are now in full PR spin and damage control, using all tactics from #Republicorp, aka, media spin, intimidation and lawsuits. Even a reporter was removed by force from the hotel cafe (not the event room but the hotel cafe) under threats of police arrest. I see the door of a Pandora box opening and the more we look inside the more putrefactive it smells.
Hey, Bill O'Reilly, it is really getting boring. Winters are cold & right in the middle of it (first week of February) it gets even colder. Every winter there is always a snow/ice storm looming around somewhere in the country and every winter there is a conservative repeating the same stupidity: "it is cold, therefore there is not global warming". Duh! of course it is cold, it is winter! Global Warming is not only hotter than usual summers or warmer than usual deep inside official winter (like over 70 degrees in mid January), but also winters colder than usual. This is similar to what happens on the deserts, very hot during the day, very cold during the night, but on a global scale. Of course, this is only comprehensible to people who read and believe in science like Liberals. Conservatives are famous for denying evolution, believing dinosaurs coexisted with humans and that a supreme invisible being literally created everything in seven earth axis rotations.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

History teaches us that when people are given the choice between an imitation and the original, people most of the time will choose the original. That is why anytime Democrats decide to run as Republican Lite the country ends up with at least 10 years of the real Republicans controlling all branches of government. The reasoning is very simple. If you do not respect yourself enough to have your own ideals, run with them, defend them; i.e., if you have to resort to borrow your opponents ideas, the message is you have nothing to offer. If Republican ideas are so good that even Democrats when scared run to them, why people should vote for Democrats then? That is the self defeating of Obama and the whole Democratic Party. In the meantime the poor and middle class pay the price. And that is the reason why only a Liberal Party, a Workers' Party, or a Working Families Party is the only way to end Corporate & billionaires' control of the government