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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Obama compared to Paris Hilton

The other side (pssst...Republicans) are really scared.

The golden test of credibility is that when you don't have anything positive to say about you, then you spend your time (and money) saying negative things about the others. That's old Karl Rove tactics used by Bush 2000 and Bush 2004.

Another proof that McCain=McBush.

Same old candidate
Same old politics,
same old tactics,
same failed policies.

McSame as Bush 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

McCain has mole removed

Again!...Another One! this rate there won't be much left of McCain for the election...

Come On!...Honestly...McCain should be retired at a nursing home or better yet in one of his "humble" houses or cabins enjoying his grandchildren and let the new generation take over and move America forward.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

CNN's Cafferty: Confident McCain can deal with Iraq?


John McCain has staked much of his campaign on the war in Iraq and the surge. He tells us every day how he was right about the surge – how the surge was the answer to all our problems in Iraq. Maybe not exactly.

Last night McCain proved his timeline about the surge is all wrong. In an interview on CBS, Katie Couric pointed out that Barack Obama says while the increase in troops helped security, a Sunni awakening and the Shiite government going after the militias before the surge were also major factors in reducing the violence.

McCain replied: "I don't know how you respond to something that is such a false depiction of what actually happened. Colonel McFarland was contacted by one of the major Sunni sheiks. Because of the surge we were able to go out and protect that sheik and others. And it began the Anbar awakening. I mean, that's just a matter of history."

Wrong again, Senator. The Sunni awakening in Anbar happened before President Bush ever announced the surge in January of 2007. In fact, the now-General Sean McFarland briefed the media in September 2006 about tribal leaders who were cooperating with Iraqi security forces against al Qaeda. Several news organizations reported on the Anbar Awakening taking place months before the surge.

CNN: "McCain camp rips Obama for cutting troop visit"

CNN: "McCain camp rips Obama for cutting troop visit"

Very pathetic of McCain and his camp to criticize Obama for not visiting troops, while overseas, when it was the Pentagon that raised "concerns".

As a matter of fact, McCain would have criticized anyway. If Obama would have visited the troops in Germany, McCain would have argued that he was using the troops for political gain (as the trip to Europe was a political trip). If Obama would have cancelled (as he did) to avoid that perception, then you see their comments now.

Can you believe a politician complaining that the opponent did not visit more people while on a campaign trip? Not only was the pentagon that show "concerns", but it is also highly inappropriate of McCain to criticize Obama on this and it shows the level of desperation, emptiness and lack of message and solutions of McCain.

Friday, July 25, 2008

CBS News needs to broadcast the complete John McCain interview from the July 22 Evening News

This looks to me like another proof of the love affair of the media with John McCain. They decided long time ago that John McCain just deserves to be President.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

CNN: Rep. Wilson calls Obama 'frighteningly inexperienced'


Obama is frrrrrrightening...brrrrr....buuuuu!

I am sure Obama is very frightening...but to republicans. Change is always frightening to lovers of inaction and status quo.

But  I am  sure that for the soldiers in Iraq, the unemployed and the uninsured at home, they all crave for the change and hope that Obama brings and November 4 can't just arrive fast enough.

On Experience - Dick Cheney and Ronald Rumsfeld. Two of the most experienced public figures in D.C. Rumsfeld had proven himself to be the most inept war manager. Under Cheney's presidency our economy, our constitution and our global standing are down the drain.

And for McCain, he is so experienced that after 40+ years in Washington and public service, what does he offer as continue Bush presidency for 3rd term and Cheney's policies for 4 more years...

WOW! that experience in action!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

When press, the public and organizations will take a closer look to McCain's record toward women?

When press, the public and organizations will take a closer look to McCain's record toward women?

I am not referring to his record toward women access to birth control, women's rights to privacy healthcare or women rights in the workplace. That record is clearly horrible. I am referring to what appears to be a clear record of abuse and misogynistic behaviour and mentality.

McCain divorced his first wife who was an injured woman and after she waited all those years for him while he was a POW. And only five weeks later he marries the multimillionaire Cindy (probably for her money and influence). It is not too difficult to see that there was adultery involved. Then there has been constant reports that McCain has abused Cindy, if not physically, at least psychologically (she got addicted to prescription drugs and spousal abuse could be the root of it).

Add to the equation that McCain's has a record of hot temper. Add also his "jokes" against women (like the "joke" that women who get raped savagely really enjoy it).

McCain was a POW for many year, so he suffered lots of abuses that leave psychological damages and probably left sentiments and repressed anger that may very well manifest in violence. John McCain's famous public demonstration of hot temper could very well be only the somewhat controlled manifestation of that anger. But in private, that repressed anger may very well be manifested as violence against the people close to his wife for example.

In summary, I see a disturbing pattern of a mentality that thinks less of women, a pattern of aggression and violence that also reflects against women. A person that is someway mentally disturbed and damaged.

If this is the person that aspires to be the next commander in chief, I hope that someone better really scrutinizes this person's psychological and mental health before it's too late.

The Hill: Maliki: 'Obama is right' about troop withdrawal

Day after day and development after development, evrything shows that only OBAMA has the judgement, intelligence and courage to lead this country in the right direction; domestically and internationally.


Maliki: 'Obama is right' about troop withdrawal
By Klaus Marre
Posted: 07/19/08 10:33 AM [ET]

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has backed the withdrawal plans of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, saying the Illinois senator “is right” when he talks about withdrawing U.S. troops within 16 months.

Maliki also appeared to disagree with Republican presidential candidate John McCain on other issues, such as the importance of the surge in making Iraq more secure and whether troop withdrawal equates surrender, as the Arizona senator has indicated.

Asked in an interview with German news magazine Der Spiegel of when he would like to see American forces leave Iraq, Maliki said: “As soon as possible, as far as we’re concerned.” He then added that “Obama is right when he talks about 16 months. Assuming that positive developments continue, this is about the same time period that corresponds to our wishes.”

The White House announced Friday that Maliki and President Bush agreed that there should not be any artificial withdrawal timelines and that troop reductions should be tied to situations on the ground. However, while saying that he is not making an endorsement in the U.S. election, the Iraqi prime minister left little doubt that the Iraqi people and its government prefer Obama’s plan.

“Those who operate on the premise of short time periods in Iraq today are being more realistic. Artificially prolonging the tenure of U.S. troops in Iraq would cause problems,” he said, adding, “Of course, this is by no means an election endorsement. Who they choose as their president is the Americans' business. But it's the business of Iraqis to say what they want. And that's where the people and the government are in general agreement: The tenure of the coalition troops in Iraq should be limited.”

The Iraqi prime minister argued that the troop surge was not the main reason that violence in his country has been curbed.

“There are many factors, but I see them in the following order. First, there is the political rapprochement we have managed to achieve in central Iraq. This has enabled us, above all, to pull the plug on al-Qaida,” Maliki stated when asked what had contributed to the improvement of conditions in the Middle Eastern country. “Second, there is the progress being made by our security forces. Third, there is the deep sense of abhorrence with which the population has reacted to the atrocities of al-Qaida and the militias. Finally, of course, there is the economic recovery.”

With regard to working on a bilateral agreement that covers U.S.-Iraqi cooperation on many sectors, including security, the economy, culture and health, Maliki said the Bush administration has “had trouble agreeing to a concrete timetable for withdrawal, because they feel it would appear tantamount to an admission of defeat.”

“But that isn't the case at all. If we come to an agreement, it is not evidence of a defeat, but of a victory, of a severe blow we have inflicted on al-Qaeda and the militias,” he stated.

Maliki's comments come as Obama is visiting the Middle East, including Afghanistan and Iraq.

Friday, July 18, 2008

CNN: McCain camp releases its first contrast ad of the general

 And what are McCane solutions?... Staying in Iraq for 100 years?...while Afghanistan gets worst, so we can stay there another 100 years there too? (and keeps fattening defense contractors pockets, who are big GOP contributors, btw)...

In the meantime, what are McCane plans to capture Bin Laden? restore our standing in the world? to solve the middle east conflict? to deal with Iran without bomb, bomb, bomb them? (which for McCane is the easiest thing to do as he has old repressed anger because of the torture he suffered many decades ago).


McCain is not only  a corporate-war-machine Bush part 3 mole, but also he only proposes 19th and 20th century solutions to 21st century problems.


That's whay we need to move America forward, turn the page and VOTE FOR OBAMA!

Monday, July 7, 2008

McShame lies on Obama's Tax Plan...again!

In a speech today, John McCain repeated the
misleading attack that “Senator Obama will raise
your taxes.”

In reality, Senator Obama’s plan will not raise
taxes and will provide a bigger break for middle
class Americans than McCain’s plan. As numerous
outside observers agree [see BACKGROUND], McCain’s
claims that Obama will raise taxes are “wrong,”
“false,” and “misleading.”

John McCain and his campaign will continue to
repeat these false claims, and we need you to be
vigilant about making sure people know the facts.



“We need to keep the IRS from taking more of your
income and making life harder for small business.
If you believe you should pay more taxes, I am the
wrong candidate for you. Senator Obama is your
man. The choice in this election is stark and
simple. Senator Obama will raise your taxes. I
won't. I will cut them where I can. Jobs are the
most important thing our economy creates. When you
raise taxes in a bad economy you eliminate jobs.
I'm not going to let that happen. Senator Obama's
tax increases will hurt the economy even more, and
destroy jobs across this country.” [McCain Speech,


Washington Post Fact Checker: McCain Campaign
Attacks on Obama Tax Plan “Overblown,” “Wrong,”
and “Greatly Exaggerated.” “The McCain camp is
attempting to persuade Americans that their taxes
will increase dramatically with Barack Obama as
president. The presumptive Republican nominee has
repeatedly said that Obama would enact ‘the
largest tax increase since the Second World War.’
A surrogate, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly
Fiorina, insists that Obama has not proposed ‘a
single tax cut’ and wants to ‘raise every tax in
the book.’ … The claim that Obama will ‘enact’
the largest tax increase since World War II is
also overblown. The Bush tax cuts will expire
automatically at the end of 2010, so it is hardly
a question of ‘enacting’ a new tax increase. ...
Carly Fiorina is wrong to claim that Obama has
proposed no tax cuts and wants to raise ‘every tax
in the book.’” [Washington Post, 6/11/08]

Politifact: McCain’s Statement That Obama’s Tax
Plan Would Raise Taxes Is “False.” Politifact
reported, “So calling it a tax increase might not
be considered fair. There's no disputing that
taxes will rise, but the question of who's
responsible for that tax increase is another
matter entirely. At PolitiFact, we've concluded,
as have others, that it's unfair to call Obama's
plan a tax increase merely because it doesn't
change existing tax law to keep rates low. We
think about it this way: The reason taxes will
increase is because of tax policy signed into law
not by Obama, but by somebody else… the more
recent data — combined with the fact that Obama's
proposal does not constitute a tax increase in the
traditional sense, since some taxes would be lower
under his plan than they would under current law —
persuades us to classify McCain's statement as
False.” [Politifact, 6/11/08]

FactCheck.Org: McCain's Largest Tax Increase
Charge Wrong and Misleading. According to the
Annenberg Public Policy Center’s
“By the measure most economists prefer, McCain is
wrong in his claim that Sens. Clinton and Obama
want to implement "the single largest tax increase
since the Second World War;"… At a more basic
level, it's misleading to tag Clinton and Obama
for something that was scheduled during the Bush
administration – the expiration of the 2001 and
2003 Bush tax cuts, which by law will occur at the
end of 2010.” [, 5/14/2008]


According to the non partisan Tax Policy Center’s
computations, “under Mr. Obama’s plan, the middle
of the middle class, or those earning $37,595 to
$66,354, would see taxes cut by $1,042 a year.
Under Mr. McCain’s plan, taxes for people in that
category would also fall, but by $319; the largest
chunk of the benefits would go to those making
$2.8 million a year or more.” [New York Times,

For more background, visit: