Liberal, Irreverent

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How the GOP plans to win 2010 and 2012? By Democrats losing

Funny that Rubio is ahead in Florida and he will probably win the GOP
nomination. He is also posed to win the senate seat unless the
democrats wake up and offer people real options as promised in 2008
and not just continue being Republican Lite.

But how this candidate that was a long shot less than a year ago is
posed to become another Scott Brown? The answer is because the
Democrats are afraid to lose.

Conservatives are not afraid, not even afraid of losing. Conservatives
have no shame and they stop at nothing to push their flawed and failed
ideology forward. In VA. NJ, MA they ran wolves in sheep clothing as
candidates. Add to this the short memory of the people about the
Republican Bush administration plus the millions of dollars from
corporations that will flow into the GOP thanks to the Bush Supreme
Court and you have the key to GOP current and future success. And this
is the way ladies and gentlemen you win in this country.

Democrats on the other side are always afraid of losing. Democrats get
into power and then become so afraid of messing things up, that they
act shy, inconsistent, flip flopping, trying to accommodate themselves
to the wind, so people get frustrated, abandon them, and they end up
losing anyway.

Just look at how even the Liberals are abandoning Obama and the party.
Obama ran on a platform of change and changing Washington, and all he
is delivering is business as usual in Washington. Obama promised a
bottom up approach and criticized the Republican trickle down economy,
and his economic plan is all top down, trickle down, stuff the rich

Obama wasted one year, did not take advantage of the urgency, spent
all his political capital and wasted a 60 vote majority in the Senate
without delivering Health Care Reform or a single other reform that
really helped the ordinary Americans.

Now, get this right, the blame is on Obama and his detached, clean
hands approach. On Health Care for example, Obama knows the American
people want a Public Option and Medicare expansion, but he is so
afraid of the criticism from Rush Limbaugh and his GOP troops that he
prefers to step back, let others (Congress) do the work and claim
victory if they succeed or blame them if they fail.

I don't know in which world Obama lives. Doesn't he realize that
people see his clean hands game? Doesn't he know that the press will
catch it, report it ad nauseum and will be then hold accountable?
Maybe Obama is so smart that he is a couple of notches ahead in human
evolution. And because we all tend to see others as we see ourselves,
Obama may think that people are advanced enough to see his path or
that we see each other as brothers and sisters that will come together
and accept ideas either conservatives or liberals for the good of the

He is wrong! We are still sort of cavemen! Our nation is currently
divided into three tribes: conservatives who want another Bush era on
steroids; "moderates" who just mean status quo and who are puppets of
the current corporate elite that want no big change because they are
getting richer just fine (they get rich when the economy is good
because of increased consumption of their goods and they get rich when
the economy is bad because the puppet government always bail them out)
and Liberals who want change in a direction that is opposite to the
other two, meaning change for the people and the little guy.

There is little consensus and little overlapping among these three
tribes. Obama wants to be in good standing with the three tribes but
that is impossible, as the interests of one tribe will always go in
opposition of the interests of the other two tribes. So the only
solution to implement real changes is to pick a side, make your case,
stick with it and hope that enough independents see it your way and
support you. And the beauty of the whole thing is that independents
don't care about ideology but for what works for them, so if what you
propose and implement works, you will get their support, period. (just
electoral psychology 101)

Now the question is which tribe to pick. The 2008 election, the Mass.
election and all polls are screaming the answer. ONE YEAR LATER PEOPLE
OBAMA PROMISED!!! All these are LIBERAL values and the perfect
indication that people want Obama and Democrats to be more
Progressive. And because Liberal ideas will always work better than
conservative ideas 9.9 out of 10, when you implement a Liberal agenda
for the people, the people will support that. This has been the
biggest Obama's mistake and the reason 2010 is posing to be a big
electoral bloodbath for Democrats. Obama an Dems show no direction,
vision or flag in moments when the nation and the world are in dismay.
People want steady leadership (hopefully in the right direction as
elections and polls show) and instead they are just getting zigzags.

Is there any hope? Yes, there is always hope. Obama has taken a more
populist approach, which means he is at least talking on ordinary
people's terms. The test will be if that talking will be followed by
real and concrete actions. If real action comes, Obama and Democrats
will score. If not, it will just add to the current perception of
betrayal we all feel. And the actions that will send the clearest
message right now is a real tough crack on Wall Street and pass real
Health Care Reform with Public Option and Medicare expansion to ages

Now will Obama and Democrats listen? I don't know and I personally
don't hold my hopes high. But because "I am the change I have been
waiting for", this is my line on the sand: Obama and Democratic Party,
I will not volunteer time, donate money or vote for democrats unless I
see real Health Care Reform enacted.

This will show me that you are acting for the good of the people and
not just talking and then continue to be Republican Lite.