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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Giuliani: "Clinton,, and the New York Times should apologize 'for what the did.'"

Dear Rudy,

This is to inform you that citizens exercising their first amendment rights has nothing to apologize. If the good General thinks he was slandered and defamed, then he is more than welcome to go to court and sue. You can even be his attorney. Those who can't stand the heat should not be in the kitchen. In the meantime Rudy, you should be spending your time explaining to this nation what are your plans to end the 4,000 American lives-50,000 Iraqi lives-$100 billion a year Iraq war, to solve the health care crisis, the solve education crisis, to solve the crime crisis, and to repair all the damage that your daddy, GWB, has made to the reputation of this nation.



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