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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Republicans don't want to face Hispanics

I wonder why republicans are so scared of facing the largest minority and the fastest growing population group of the country. Let me guess...I remember now! Republicans have spent years, and lots of money demonizing, smearing and scapegoating (Howard Dean's word) Hispanics for political gain.

Republicans needed a new issue to divide the public, so they could rally their demoralized base; and guess who were next; Pedro and Maria who crossed the border without papers to live the American Dream. These poor taco and tortilla eaters were the perfect target: language barriers, no money, low profile, not much voice to demand rights. However they underestimated the Hispanic culture (I know, I've spent years in America Latina).

I wonder what they would say to the Hispanic community after blaming them of almost every problem and crime in America. They blamed them for raise in crime, failing schools, decrease in property value and even terrorism! I am sure with a little work republicans could blame them for the mortgage debacle, the Iraq war and even for Bush not being able to capture Bin Laden.

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