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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What I expected it would be the fall back argument from conservatives to the Tucson Right Wing Massacre. On NPR, former Arizona Rep. Shadegg laid out the ground for what we will be Rush Limbaugh's and others. Former Rep Shadegg blamed the shooting on Democrats from ramming "unpopular" legislation and "not listening to the people"!Per Rep Shadegg democracy apparently doesn't matter. We live in a representative democracy not an ancient Greek democracy. But it is always convenient to use some poll to argument that bill x or bill y is unpopular, therefore passing that bill would be against the "will of the people". If I remember right Democrats received a real big mandate on November 2008. It was actually Republicans who did not respect the will of the people by saying NO to any Democratic initiative. It is very irresponsible to pretty much excuse the Tucson Right Wing Massacre by insinuating that Democrats pretty much had it coming because of the "unpopular" health care reform

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