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Thursday, January 13, 2011

That liberal and socialist health care reform bill

Remember that "progressive" healthcare reform bill? It is so liberal and socialist that investors and the health insurance industry are bullish about the new profit potential in the industry. From Politico:

INVESTORS GET BULLISH ON HEALTH INSURANCE INDUSTRY - As Republicans push forward on repealing health reform, a different conversation is happening among thousands of health care investors gathered in San Francisco for this week's J.P Morgan Health Care Conference: how to capitalize on health reform's new business opportunities. "The worst is behind them," Ipsita Smolinski, president of Capitol Street, says of health insurers. "There was so much uncertainty last year. But with the MLR and rate review regulations out, investors know they have a pretty viable future." 
Investors are increasingly optimistic on health insurers' future for two crucial reasons: regulations released this year have been relatively industry-friendly, increasing stability, and the health reform's new business opportunities are beginning to look more tangible. Live from San Francisco, the POLITICO story

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