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Monday, January 17, 2011

A recent poll says that there is not much appetite for increasing gun control. And I say, that's OK. Guns are sexy, guns make you feel powerful and respected. Guns make you feel secure because you think you have a fighting chance if attacked. All that is OK because all those "reasons" just feed your psychological needs of power, security and respect. If you believe that guns do not kill people, it is people with guns what kill people, then you will not mind rigging your house with asbestos. After all asbestos does not kill people, it is the cancer caused by asbestos what kills people. Guns lay the ground for all kind of safety threats. But we do not believe that...yet. And I say OK. Because at some moment in history, after a few more thousand deaths, some maybe close to you, I hope you realize that less access to guns, less chances of gun tragedies.#p2 #tcot #tlot #GOP #TeaParty #liberal #conservative #libertarian #p21 #p2b #px #topprog #rebelleft #republican #democrat

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