Liberal, Irreverent

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Very simple bottom line to tonight's SOTU. Obama did not offer anything of substance that could motivate Liberals and the GOP-TeaParty response was as moronic and as unintelligent as always. There is not much I can do or will do for the GOP. My only concern is Obama and Democrats. Obama has betrayed almost all segments of the Liberal movement and now he wants to be Bill Clinton 2.0. If that's what Obama wants, that's OK with me. Just don't come lying to Liberals on how many good things he has done for us and how many great plans he may have. Obama first 2 yrs were a disappointment, the next 2 yrs won't be better and there is really no hope for Liberals in 2012 (either we got the GOP or Obama again). Liberals need to start planning really for 2016 or 2020. Between now and then is just the usual fight to keep the conservative disaster (that even Obama is embracing) to destroy the country.#p2 #liberal #p21 #p2b #px #topprog #rebelleft

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