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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

'Bury Obamacare with Kennedy'

'Bury Obamacare with Kennedy' was the subject of thousands of signs held by #TeaParty, #GOP & all kinds of #RWNJ during the #HCR debate. Some may say that the Kennedy mentioned on those signs was Ted Kennedy who passed away in the middle of the health care debate, and that even though disrespectful it wasn't a call to shoot or kill anybody. But really the point is not if somebody was stupid enough to literally write a sign saying 'Kill anyone who supports Obama and Democrats', but the subliminal, subconscious message those signs were conveying. It doesn't take much explicit communication for weak, crazy minds, inflamed by the hate rhetoric, to pick the portions of a message that retrofeed into their own paranoia and go act upon them. And this is the real danger of the hate rhetoric that Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and many others within the TeaParty GOP RightWing gang is getting America used to. The political assassination attempt and massacre in Tucson was not the first shooting and killing by the Right since Obama became president and unfortunately it will not be the last.

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