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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

There is no evidence it was political..or so they want you to believe

Pawlenty: 'There is no evidence that the gunman was motivated by specific political comments or experiences with the media'. According to who Pawlenty? I ask you how can you be sure the shooter was not motivated by politics or the coverage of certain media outlets or the rants of certain politicians? Don't pretend that we need now a membership application to the #GOP or #TeaParty groups or a political confession from the shooter to realize what are his political leanings. Targeting a Democratic Congressperson, being anti-government, resorting to violence. Which ideology has been prone to this behavior lately, more specifically since November 2008?

Also, Pawlenty, are you aware which radio shows or tv programs or type of media coverage have the shooter being paying attention? I guess the answer is no. So how do you know the certain specific media coverage or radio shows have not being poising the shooter's mind over the years? Sowing hate & resentment against one political sector of the nation? You don't know, Pawlenty. 

But what I know is that your statement is the usual conservative game of denying the obvious with the hope that if repeated enough times, it becomes the truth inside people's heads.

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