Liberal, Irreverent

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Republican is always better than a "Conservative Democrat". Why? Because with a Republican you know what to expect and you know what and who to oppose. With a Republican you don't have to hold back. With a Republican you can unload freely without remorse. With a Conservative Democrats you always have to hold back, you have to make sure you don't criticize "too much" because you know it is bad for the party. Like with Clinton and Obama they both betrayed the Liberal base that got them elected. They both spit Liberals on the face. But they are Democrats, so Liberals hold back. We even keep donating money, volunteering and being the voice of attack against Republicans. We always help them win the next election and always end up with nothing. That is why I say that if Obama cannot deliver Liberal solutions, we should abandon Obama and Democrats, and let Republicans win, plain and simple. Will the Democratic Party suffer? Yes. Will the country suffer? Yes. But the only "good thing

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