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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It took Rush Limbaugh several days..

Apparently 'entertainer' Rush Limbaugh was so in shock that his 'entertaining' finally took shape in the form of a real gunman, firing real bullets with a real gun, killing real innocent lives including a 9 year old angel, and injuring real people including a real US Congressperson, that it wasn't until several days later that he made his first statement on the subject. And not surprisingly his reaction was like Pilates to wash his hands off any guilt and blame 'the other side' you know, the liberals. BTW, the same liberals who have been warning for years that hate rhetoric on right wing talk radio, Fox News, right wing emails, right wing websites and conspiracy theories they promote are dangerous and had the potential to trigger what have been happening all around the nation since November 2008, culminating in a political assassination attempt in Tucson.

Rush Limbaugh is no entertainer but a political bully. Same with his comrades at right wing talk show radio and Fox News especially Glen Beck. As long as they keep doing their business of hate & fear mongering, Tucson shooting won't be the last.

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