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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Only Liberals stand

There is a tendency for false equivalency. Right wings go crazy in

hate and fear, Liberals denounced it, and then suddenly Liberals are

also promoting hate and fear. Just because they denounce it. That

mental false equivalency stating that those who REMIND us of the

negative we all would like to forget or pretend does not exist are as

bad as those who ACTUALLY DID the negative in the first place. Not

only those who promote hate are guilty but also those who denounce it

are guilty just by doing the bad thing of reminding us. The net effect

is that right wing gets away with it because everyone runs for cover.

Democrats are scared shitless of the right wing noise machine.

Republicans don't denounce their own and just want the whole thing to

go away and be forgotten as soon as possible. The media hides under

the excuse of responsibility. Obama one more time repeats his calls

for holding hands together and sing "We Are The World". The American

People want to go on with their lives and pretend nothing is wrong.

The government quickly cooks the official story of a lone ranger who

lived isolated from the world, never listened to Rush Limbaugh or any

other talk show radio, never heard of Sarah Palin or watched Fox News

and Glen Beck, never read a newspaper. A lone ranger crazy person who

one day wakes up and voices told him to go and load his car with his

God given Second Amendment Right and kill a US Congressperson. Only

Liberals stand out there alone, holding the truth, seeing the real

world and talking to the air and getting condemned because nobody else

wants to listen.

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