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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Workers in WI need to stay on the street

Koch puppets in Wisconsin are hoping for two things: 1) workers just forget and be back to business as usual. 2) with the help of Koch billion$ they can confuse the people & pretty much buy public opinion. 

Workers need to keep reminding everyone that the rights and salary levels for all workers, public & private, start and end with the rights and salary levels of union employees. Rights in the workplace exist b/c unionized workers fought and won those rights for all of us. Salary and benefit levels are higher, because union bargaining for better wages and benefits impact all surveys and benchmarks private companies use to determine salary and benefit levels for non union employees. 

Koch, the unAmerican Chamber of Commerce & greedy corporations & billionaires are funding Scott Walker, the GOP and their union busting campaign for 2 simple reason: 1) the less salary and benefits they can give workers, more remains for their pockets. 2) the weaker the worker movement is, easier to elect Republicans who will continue trickle down economic policies. Shifting our tax money to corporations under the argument they would create economic activity. No matter studies have shown that per $1 in tax cuts rich and corporations receive, only 30 cents are created in economic activity. In other words, it's all about pocketing 70% of each dollar given to them, which they did so brilliantly during the GOP BUSH Recession, and plan to keep doing forever. 

This is what Wisconsin is all about. Money for corporations and billionaires, political power for Republicans, and the short end of the bargain for you and me.  Workers need to not only continue recalling Republicans in WI, but also need to stay on the streets. Let Scott Walker and the GOP know that the toughest fight is yet to come and their days in power are over.

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Why is it I never hear you complain about the millions upon millions that George Soros spend on promoting the progressive agenda? You sir are a hypocrite! Start telling the truth about both sides or be quite!