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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Soon, ground troops to Libya. Helping ot

Under a humanitarian UN Resolution Tomahawks rained over Libya at the equivalent cost of 400,000 American green jobs the first day of the humanitarian mission.

The defenseless civilians who quickly became a loose Rebel Army, have demonstrated that the Libyan revolution cannot win on its own merits.

The Libyan revolution lacks all the elements to succeed. The Army is not standing down and the Army elements have deserted Qaddafi are not fighting. The government is not willing to yield and the elements who have left the government do not seem to be making a big enough impact inside the country. Third and most importantly, the revolution appears not having enough strength within the people, not because the people want the dictator, but because of the fear factor is still too high. The revolution may have the hearts of the people but they are too afraid to act. Under these conditions any revolution is destined to fail...unless, external forces shift the balance of events in one direction. This is where the US comes into play.

The goal of the Obama administration is clear: end the Qaddafi rule, topple the dictator. The purpose of the bombing and tomahawking in Libya is really to provide air cover for the Rebel Army. Obama, Clinton, NATO should just stop the facade and admit the obvious as it is an open secret and people are not stupid.

Now that had become clear that bombing Qaddafi's forces is not enough, Obama and Clinton have started to set the stage to arm the rebels. Obama says he doesn't rule it out and Clinton says it is legal under the UN resolution.

This is obviously an escalation and I don't see how arming the Rebel Army is humanitarian. However more importantly is what would happen if after sending arms and equipment to the rebels is not enough. One problem with the rebels is that they not only need arms/equipment, they also NEED TRAINING. So, unless Obama is planning to send manuals to the rebels or set training webinars, TROOPS ON THE GROUND WILL BE NEEDED ("military advisors" like the hundreds of thousands "advisors" we sent to Vietnam) (btw, we already have special operation teams in Libya right now).

Unless Qaddafi left or is killed this is posing to become a long and costly third war. Another trillion dollars to help people in foreign countries while we abandon our own people. I support and it is OK to help other people, but we need to take care of our own first. Otherwise, what are we? I don't know, but whatever it is not good.

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