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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WE MUST Cut Spending!

I agree there is too much spending and all that wasteful spending must be cut. Some spending is worthy like Social Security, Medicare, Education, Health Care, Green Jobs, Environmental Protection. Other spending is questionable like all the pork in defense systems that don't work or we don't use or spending in wars. However, there is one special expenditure line on the budget we must cut. It is called TAX EXPENDITURE. This item describes all the tax revenue we do not receive because it is given away in tax breaks mostly to the rich and corporations. While Conservatives are pushing for $44 billion in cuts in needed social programs, the tax expenditure in Bush tax cuts for the wealthy alone is $42 billion. Some want to take away $44 billion from people who need that help, to give it to wealthy people and corporations that clearly do not need it.

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