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Monday, March 28, 2011

What is right?

Obama has said much about what is right when justifying intervention in Libya. The cost of this adventure will at least be $1 billion assuming ground troops are not needed later if Libya sink into chaos. But in talking about what is right, I wonder where is the morality in citing moral grounds to defend the people of Libya from a humanitarian crisis, while ignoring the humanitarian crisis here at home. For example workers in Wisconsin are being stripped from their rights under the excuse of only a $137 million deficit. The same abuses against American workers are happening all around the nation. Schools are being closed, teachers are being fired, the surviving schools are being defunded and quality of education is not important anymore (because quality is linked to resources as you need sources to provide quality education. If you take resources away, then you don't care about quality). So for Obama a third war in Libya and keep utilizing our resources overseas is the WHAT IS RIGHT. I wonder when intervening at home, declaring war against poverty, war against unemployment, war against mediocre education, war against abuses to workers and spent OUR treasure here at home, because it is our money, will be the right to do.

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