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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Libya is a potential next Iraq

If Obama were smart, he would distance himself and the nation away from Libya faster than he can say quagmire. Libya's society, system of government, economy, etc is almost identical to Iraq.

Obama and the coalition are hoping that the dictator quickly fades into the night, the population receives the coalition soldiers with flowers, the people solve their differences and quickly come together and rally around a leader, and use their oil wealth to rebuild the nation into a model of democracy in the Arab world. Sound familiar? The same dream George Bush had for Iraq. It didn't happen in Iraq because of the particulars of the Iraqi society (and the mistake of dismantling the Iraqi army) and it won't happen in Libya either because of the particulars of the Libyan society ( and that we are destroying the Libyan army).

If Libya deteriorates into chaos the next step is ground troops (because the UN is already committed, so there is no turning back) and the question is if Obama wants so bad to be like Bush that he also wants to have his own Iraq.

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