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Friday, February 25, 2011

House Republicans want to cut WIC by 10%

Why? The conservative philosophy. If you are rich, it is because you are smart and work hard. (not to mention the constant lobbying to shift taxpayer$ to wasteful contracts and special interests). On the same token, if you are poor, it is because you are dumb and lazy. So, why waste precious tax dollars helping "dumb" and "lazy" poor people? Precious dollars that could be "better used" if given to the rich "to create jobs" ( like those many jobs that GOP created during the their Bush administration, after trillion$ in wealth were transferred to the top 2%). Also poor people are a core Democratic constituency, so why help them. Better to break them and starve them, like they are trying to do with another Democratic constituency, organized labor. At the end it is all political.

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Tax payer dollars should go to neither rich or poor! It's not the federal government's proper role to support the rich or the poor! We need to stop this class warfare which is tearing this country apart. The rich certainty do not need the money from taxpayers and the poor might make different or better choices if the safety net was reduce or nonexistent!