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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Class war is inevitable

Many revolutions have happened in the past precisely when the ruling

elite class went too far in owning the wealth of a nation. When the

gap between the rich and the rest became too big and the government

was deaf because the ruling elite also IS the government, revolution

was the only option left for social justice. Some revolutions like the

French Revolution were violent and bloodbath. But a some have happened

by citizens forcing change within the system. A violent revolution in

the United States must not be an option, but when desperate, people

don't listen to reason. When desperate any option is precisely that,

an option. There is real danger of social unrest created by this

wealth inequity we are experiencing. I consider this wealth inequity a


and it should be acknowledged as that by the President and Congress

and take urgent action to address it. The bad news is that it may be

too late for people to hope action from the President and Congress, as

it appears the people representing these institutions are not only too

deep into the pockets of this ruling elite class, but many of them are

actually members of the ruling elite class. The ONLY OPTION then left

to The People is to force change (within the system I hope) by

electing only officers committed to social justice and to close this

gap in wealth ownership. If no one takes action, expect then social

and political unrest on the streets of the United States. This means

that electing a new slate of cleaner politicians unlinked as much as

possible from corporate influence has become a civic duty for all

Americans who want to solve this inequity problem without resorting to

violence. A class war is inevitable. The question is if it will be a

violent war, or a "civic war" with citizens forcing change within the

system. I hope for the latter and not the former.

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