Liberal, Irreverent

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

History teaches us that when people are given the choice between an imitation and the original, people most of the time will choose the original. That is why anytime Democrats decide to run as Republican Lite the country ends up with at least 10 years of the real Republicans controlling all branches of government. The reasoning is very simple. If you do not respect yourself enough to have your own ideals, run with them, defend them; i.e., if you have to resort to borrow your opponents ideas, the message is you have nothing to offer. If Republican ideas are so good that even Democrats when scared run to them, why people should vote for Democrats then? That is the self defeating of Obama and the whole Democratic Party. In the meantime the poor and middle class pay the price. And that is the reason why only a Liberal Party, a Workers' Party, or a Working Families Party is the only way to end Corporate & billionaires' control of the government

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