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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Charles and David Koch, the infamous #Koch Brothers, who are worth $22 billion each had their semiannual "billionaires summit" last weekend, were they discussed their ideas to influence elections, legislation and court decisions in favor of rich people, corporations. All by the best way to either get conservative puppets elected or control the ones already elected. It was good that progressives were at Rancho Mirage, CA to bring public attention to this conservative attempt to hijack democracy ( The Koch are now in full PR spin and damage control, using all tactics from #Republicorp, aka, media spin, intimidation and lawsuits. Even a reporter was removed by force from the hotel cafe (not the event room but the hotel cafe) under threats of police arrest. I see the door of a Pandora box opening and the more we look inside the more putrefactive it smells.

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