Liberal, Irreverent

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hey, Bill O'Reilly, it is really getting boring. Winters are cold & right in the middle of it (first week of February) it gets even colder. Every winter there is always a snow/ice storm looming around somewhere in the country and every winter there is a conservative repeating the same stupidity: "it is cold, therefore there is not global warming". Duh! of course it is cold, it is winter! Global Warming is not only hotter than usual summers or warmer than usual deep inside official winter (like over 70 degrees in mid January), but also winters colder than usual. This is similar to what happens on the deserts, very hot during the day, very cold during the night, but on a global scale. Of course, this is only comprehensible to people who read and believe in science like Liberals. Conservatives are famous for denying evolution, believing dinosaurs coexisted with humans and that a supreme invisible being literally created everything in seven earth axis rotations.

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