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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good News

These good news from CNN: Where have the moderate Democrats gone?
Joe Lieberman, Jane Harman and Jim Webb have all recently announced they will be retiring from Congress. Add to this the news that funding for the Democratic Leadership Council has dried up and it will be closing its doors, and that the self-described moderate Blue Dog coalition of House Democrats has dwindled from 54 members last year to 25 this year and we can draw a lamentable conclusion: It's the end of the moderate Democratic party.

And my take is that it hasn't been too fast or too soon. The Republican Recession would have ended sooner, employment would have been higher, Democrats would still control the House and would have even higher majority in the Senate if the wimpy "moderate" Democrats would have been gone sooner. Moderate Democrat is just code name for the same corporate politicians that control the Republican Party and answer to the Chamber of Commerce. They are here to keep the status quo and slow change to the minimum because the current system make rich people even richer so fast and easy. Why change it if it ain't broken?

Only real Liberal leaders in office implementing real Liberal policies will take the government away from billionaires, back in the hands of the people and the nation on the road to real prosperity.

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