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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Stop the drama, VOTE for Obama!

I have decided to make public my support for Barack Obama. Why?

I have to admit that I started on the Hillary camp. However, as time went on and I listened to Obama, i found myself agreeing more with him than with Hillary. I do not necessarily agree with all his proposals, but I did not agreed either with all the ideas of Hillary Clinton.

There were two moments that for me, definitely changed the momentum towards Obama. First, was Bill Richardson's endorsement. I have the utmost respect for Richardson. Nobody can dispute that from all original candidates for president, Richardson's resume was the most impressive. When a man with those qualifications and ties with the Clintons goes ahead, break with the old bosses and endorses Barack Obama, it is definitely an eye opener. Second, Joe Andrews endorsement and words. All good things has to come to an end and if it is true that democrats has had a good ride with these primaries, energizing the base, adding new voters, etc.; it is time to end the primaries, rally behind one candidate and start working towards November elections. From the two candidates, why not rallying behind the one that has the most votes and has proven can attract independents, youngs and even republicans.

Barack Obama is definitely a stronger candidate than Hillary Clinton against John McShame and the Republican machine. With Hillary Clinton, the GOP has had the strategy ready for years. With Obama, they have to start from scratch, which gives us a logistical advantage since the beginning. What about the reverend issue and bitter comments? That's peanuts compared to all that republicans could and would throw against Hillary.

So, I agree that it is time to end this drama, rally behind Barack Obama, take on McSame and the GOP and start a new, fresh page in the American history with Barack Obama as the next President of the United States of America.


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