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Saturday, May 3, 2008

CNN continues their very subtle campaign against Obama

As I have mentioned before, the media is in love with John McCain and decided a long time ago that he deserves to be president.

The media does not worry that much with Hillary Clinton as democratic candidate because they know the GOP is ready for Hillary and prefers her as the democratic nominee. Obama is a completely different story. The GOP is not ready for Obama and the media is not ready for Obama either. Obama is a real danger for John McCain's "destiny" of being president and must be destroyed.

First was the Howard Dean like strategy with the reverend Wright and the bitter comment issues. Reduce the issues to simple sound bites and keep repeating and repeating the same until people become disgusted and with some luck that negative perception would permeate Obama's image. They succeeded in part, after the stories finally lost steam, Obama's momentum in Pennsylvania stopped and Hillary won.

Now is part two of the strategy: minimize Obama's accomplishments and strengths; exaggerate Hillary's; rehash, squeeze and milk a little more the old issues that hurt Obama to see if more juice can be extracted; and for the grand finale throw in McCain as the one apart and separate from all that filth. McCain the different one from all that mud and distractions that those democrats have brought into the discourse.

Today I decided to take a look at CNN online to see the headlines and saw a pattern there.

1) Obama losing support. (strategy: minimize Obama's accomplishments)
2) Obama wins Guam caucuses by only 7 votes. (strategy: minimize Obama's accomplishments)
3) Hillary on the Offensive on the gas tax holiday. (strategy: exaggerate Hillary's)
4) Clinton gaining on Obama in North Carolina. (strategy: exaggerate Hillary's)
5) An "analysis" titled: The Wright effect on presidential race. (strategy: rehash, squeeze and milk a little more the old issues that hurt Obama to see if more juice can be extracted) (strategy: McCain surfacing as Mr. Clean getting the advantage)

1) Obama is losing support because according to a poll Hillary picked a couple of points. The problem here is that the few points Obama lost was after weeks of a brutal attack "Howard Dean style". Why CNN does not mention that it is remarkable that Obama is holding and still picking superdelegates after weeks of attacks. Actually that speaks about his character, leadership, political stamina and his conflict resolution skills. Precisely what we need in a president if we want to to put his nation back on the road if prosperity and worldwide respect.

2) Obama gain Guam by only 7 votes. A win is a win, but if Hillary would have won Guam by 1 vote the comments would have been like "Is this the beginning of the end for Obama?" "Has the implosion "Howard Dean style" finally started?"

3) Every person with an ounce of brain agrees that the summer tax holiday idea is a gimmick, a shell plan, a political game designed just to be a swan song. But Hillary is not on the defensive, she is in the offensive. If Hillary is in the offensive, then who is in the defensive? Certainly is not Obama as he has all the proof backing him up. It is Clinton and McCain the ones who need to explain to the American people why they dare to propose such an idea when they know it solves absolutely nothing and the relief to the people is marginal at the best. Not mentioning the additional billions of dollars this idea puts in the pockets of oil companies. Why they play this game with hopes of people in struggle, letting them believe that they are really proposing something of value, when indeed is only smoke, air...nothing? As time goes on I see Hillary looking more and more like McCain. We may probably need to update our political equation from McCain=Bush to Hillary=McCain=Bush, as Hillary is proposing the same ideas as McCain, Hillary and her spouse worth hundreds of millions as McCain and his spouse, Hillary wants to obliterate Iran as McCain, Hillary is backed by the same special interests in Washington as McCain, Hillary voted for the war in Iraq as McCain.

4) Clinton is gaining on Obama in NC because she is "only" 9 points in disadvantage. To me that is more like Obama holds steady in NC, and keep gaining more superdelegates than Hillary. To me it is more like Obama momentum has not been stopped by controversies and it is picking up again after been temporarily sidetracked.

5) They cannot let the issue of reverend Wright die because if not there is nothing else they can pick to Obama. On this "analysis" the big winner is John McCain. "Half of Americans think a John McCain presidency would bring different policies than the Bush administration." HAHAHA Can you believe that? Also according to the "analysis" blue-collar white voters won't vote for Obama after reverend Wright and Republicans are reassessing their strategy and thinking that it would better after all for John McCain to run against Obama. This is the same reverse psychology terrorists use when they say they prefer a democrat in the White House. Terrorists want to scare Americans so they vote for McCain, so the Bush policies continue, so the hate against America continue, so they (the terrorist) can continue with all the great recruiting and fundraising they have been having thanks to Bush, Cheney and Rice.

To all media: Reporting time is a scarce good, meaning is limited. Every minute spent on inconsequential issues is less time to educate the voters on the real issues and what candidates propose. Remember that reverend Wright is not the one running for office. Honestly, I don't care about reverend Wright's opinions because his opinions can't do jack to solve Iraq, healthcare, jobs, education, drugs, homeland security, immigration, crime, etc. On the other hand, Obama's, Clinton's and McCain proposals will have a big impact on my life and the life of my children. It is about these proposals that I need to watch, listen and read.

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