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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hillary's looking very sad on the gas tax issue

What is sad is seen Hillary adopting "bushesque" attitudes in defending something that is clearly wrong. That's why she has the lowest level of trust among the candidates. She uses double talk, cheap political arguments (like she is winning the popular vote.) and simpleton sound bites and keeps repeating and repeating them until people gets hypnotized by repetition and hopefully end up believing it. That's a classical Bush/GOP strategy.

We do not need simpleton arguments like "struggling Americans people need a break now", and then propose the McCain/Hillary plan that gives people $30 break during the summer and billions in additional profits to oil companies. I think it is good to remember that as McCain, Hillary also serves the same special interests aka "masters" in Washington. This means that the same as with republican proposals we need to analyze further and more carefully what Hillary proposes, because sometimes it may have a corporate trojan horse built in.

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