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Tuesday, May 6, 2008


There are times where losers are winners and winners are losers and tonight is one of those times. Nobody can deny that the big winner tonight was Barack Obama!

Hillary needed one of two things tonight to keep her hopes alive: win both states, North Carolina and Indiana or at least win one of them big time; she did none. Hillary's campaign is over and she knows it!

On the other side, what Tuesday May 6 showed is the character, skills and problem management ability of Barack Obama. Qualities that we need in our next President to be a great President.

It is time for the democratic party voters and superdelegates to start closing the loop, tie loose ends and rally behind the candidate that has proven over and over that can win even against all adversities. Obama has the support of democrats, will have the support of those who voted for Hillary and surely will kick John McCain's old ass to kingdom come.

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