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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Note to Hillary Advisers: Apply the Same Standards

It was funny seeing a Hillary campaign adviser (I think it was Lanny Davis) trying to spin the "unspinnable". He mentioned that funny argument of "Why Obama can't close the deal on Hillary?" Obama is ahead in the popular vote, pledge delegates and adding more super delegates everyday, so I think that Obama is closing the deal on Hillary pretty well. T the end of the process Obama will be the nominee.

But the real question is why Hillary cannot close the deal on Obama? It's funny that the Clinton campaign keeps repeating the big states she won, the governors that supports her, the x, y or z demographics and populations that supports her. So, my question to Hillary and her campaign is...why is not Hillary then winning? And the answer is because she cannot sell it. Hillary has won some and Obama has won some. But at the end when you add it all up Obama is the front runner and no spin from the Hillary campaign can change that.

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