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Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Media War Against Obama continues

The media decided long time ago that McShame deserves to be President. So, their objective is to destroy the only obstacle to a McPain presidency, Barack Obama. And Hillary? The media and republicans agree that from the two democratic candidates Hillary is the easiest for McSame to beat.

Now, the media is focusing a lot lately on those latest pools that shown Obama losing some support and they spin it like if the Obama campaign is going down on fire. They leave the other half of the story out on purpose. Obama is racking more support from super delegates than Hillary as each day pass. Obama is leading in popular vote and in pledge delegates. But the most important thing is that after weeks of a brutal assault using the reverend as a weapon of mass distraction, the only thing they can say is that Hillary may have gained one or two points. With less than that the campaign of Howard Dean was destroyed on 2004, which speaks of the strength and appeal of Barack Obama.

Another strange thing is how much support those polls show for McBush, even though the Bush presidency is perceived as the worst in history. The game is clear to me, give the impression that Hillary would do better aggainst McLame than Obama.

What we will see in the next few days and weeks is the media touting Hillary's comeback and parroting in how much trouble the Obama campaign is. Again, remember that the objective of the media is to get Obama out of the way and leave Hillary as the democratic candidate, because she is the person easiest to beat by republicans.

One more thing. Remember also that republicans have been preparing for a fight against Hillary for years. This means they have spent a lot of money and resources in that preparation. The GOP wasn't ready for Obama, and having to start from scratch, when they are having problems attracting support and cash compared to previous campaigns, is a big blow. So, at least for logistical purposes republicans will welcome Hillary as the democratic nominee as the only thing they would need to do is to dust off all the old talking points they have been preparing and saving for years.

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