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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Make No Mistake, Obamacare Will Prevail

After the GOP Shutdown the news of the day is that the famous website is not working well. Republicans are trying to make it look as if Obamacare is not working. Don't get confused. Obamacare is the law that eliminates pre-existent conditions, makes preventive coverage free, forces large employers to offer quality, affordable health coverage, gives subsidies to poor, and provides a health insurance safety net for all the population, in the form of a market place powered by private insurance companies. That is Obamacare. The user interface is the the website that has failed miserably, when millions of people tried to access it simultaneously. The failing was  due to poor planning and implementation. That portion will be fixed. It may take weeks or months, but it will be fixed. The health insurance coverage crisis in this nation has lasted for decades. Waiting a few more weeks or months to fixed glitches seems reasonable. What we have however are Republicans sabotaging Obamacare at every step. From Republican lawsuits, to campaigns promoting young people not to enroll, to governors refusing to establish state exchanges (overloading the federal government). However despite all this, Obamacare will prevail. GOP  may be having their day lambasting Obama, Democrats and the government for trying hard to provide quality, affordable health coverage to the nation, but just think what will they do when eventually the website is fixed and the system start running smoothly. The history will remember Democrats and Obama like the heroes in social justice they are while Republicans will go down in history (along with their puppet master Koch brothers) as the ones telling young people not to obtain quality affordable health coverage, just for political reasons, with complete disregard of the welfare of those same young people. Sad and disgusting, but the reality of how low Republicans have sunk.

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