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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Repubs, Dems, Businesses and the American People Need Obamacare to Work

Americans are ready for health insurance. Americans want health insurance. Americans know the necessity for health insurance. By instinct alone we understand the connections. We all need medical treatment or die; but getting medical treatment is not free; health insurance pays for medical treatment; Obamacare is the law that provides the health insurance that pays for that medical treatment that you need to live longer and healthier. So, at a minimum, just as a matter of pure survival, each American understands the need for Obamacare to work. That is why the popularity of the law is actually increasing the more the right wing crazies try to mess with it.

Businesses need Obamacare to work. Obamacare gives businesses the freedom and flexibility to be more competitive. Many jobs are being created due to Obamacare and many more will be created. The health insurance industry has invested millions of dollars in product development, so they want that investment back. Obamacare means 30 million new customers for the health insurance industry and no business person in their sane mind, would say no, and sabotage that opportunity, especially when many of those customers are coming with a subsidy check in hand. Republicans always say that the private sector is the solution to any problem. But if the private sector can't make work a marketplace completely comprised of private insurers (remember there is no Public Option available), then they will have finally proved that the private sector is not the solution for our current health insurance crisis. The only option would be a socialized health insurance system. Something maybe like Medicare-For-All. So again, either Obamacare works or it spells the end of the private health insurance industry as we know it. Chew on that.

Democrats need Obamacare to work for obvious reasons. It is the last leg of the safety net tripod: (food for the poor (Food  Stamps), minimum retirement income (Social Security), health coverage for all (Medicaid, Medicare, Obamacare). Let's remember that Liberals and Democrats are the only ones who really care about the welfare of the totality of the population (from poor to middle class to rich). Conservatives and Republicans don't believe it is worth it to provide protection, help and support to the poor and middle class, only the rich. So yes, it is a victory for Democrats and Liberals, but very part of our mission and philosophy of social justice.

Finally, believe it or not Republicans need Obamacare to work. Obviously Republicans don't want to provide a victory to Democrats, but that's beyond the point. Democrats already won the Obamacare war. What remains are those last skirmishes of any war. Those pockets of resistance that always take longer to accept their fate and surrender. Republicans don't care about the welfare of the poor and middle class, so just saying they should support Obamacare for the good of the country, is a plain waste of time. So, let's put it in terms they can understand. Either Republicans help Obamacare work or lose further. Why? People want health insurance. So, either they get health insurance or lose. Businesses (true GOP bosses) need Obamacare to work. So, either help the Obamacare marketplace work or else. A piece of advice to Republicans. We are keeping scores and documenting every act of sabotage against Obamacare and we are taking that into the upcoming elections. By 2014 and 2016 the infamous website will be working smoothly. Do you really want to keep up this treasonous sabotage and keep giving ammunition that will be thrown back in your faces in 2014 and 2016 elections? Do you really want to see commercials of people with cancer and other illnesses, or small children getting medical attention thanks to Obamacare, while we remind people that Republicans for political purposes, tried to sabotage that healthcare they are receiving ...? uhm...If you do, then be my guests. We will be happy to run on a platform of Obamacare, while you run on an anti-Obamacare platform.

See, we ALL need Obamacare to work each for different reasons. If trying to destroy Medicare and Social Security has proved to be a loser strategy, trying to destroy Obamacare is now also a loser strategy. Don't believe it? Just look then at the current state of the GOP and Tea Party.

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