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Monday, October 21, 2013

It is Obamacare's time!

It is Obamacare's time! Availability of affordable, quality Health insurance coverage has been a crisis in this country for decades. But not anymore. Democrats and President Obama pushed the law and passed it against the sabotage of Republicans. The latest sabotage is the take no prisoners, no mercy, scorch the earth approach of the Tea Party lunatics. Republicans failed when Obamacare was in its creation and failed when using the nation's economy as hostage to destroy health coverage access for all. Mark my words, GOP WILL FAIL in destroying Obamacare. Health Care Reform is here to stay. Obamacare is already helping people and helping businesses. Even Republicans out there without health insurance know they need Obamacare. There is no turning back. Not only because millions of liberals are fighting to defend it, but because the lives of millions of people depend on Obamacare. Defending Obamacare and making sure its success is the right thing to do. And what about those glitches n the user interface, the website They will be fixed and  I guess Republicans will have no choice but to find something else to complain about. (maybe the background, the colors or how big the click button is)

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