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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

UN Wire: EU seeks mandate for ground tro

It was inevitable. I could see it from a million miles away. Since the start the Libyan rebels did not have enough support from inside the government, the military nor even could muster enough "active support" within the population. The rebels lack training, weapons and logistic support. Now that air bombings proved to be not enough it comes the next step in the escalation, ground troops...under the argument of securing relief delivery routes. The same way the UN humanitarian mandate became an excuse to intervene in Libya, a new mandate to send ground troops to secure routes for humanitarian relief will be the excuse to send troops to finish what the air bombing cannot. If Europe wants to do that, it is OK with me as long as Obama does not yield to the GOP and defense lobbyists to send American troops to invade yet another Muslim country. Let's see what will be the final outcome.

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