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Monday, April 4, 2011

Elections in Wisconsin in less than 24 h

In less than 24 hours, Wisconsin voters will go the polls and decide the balance of power in the WI Supreme Court. If the Democrat wins, it will be a big victory for working families and a huge loss for Wisconsin Republicans just as they prepare to play defense in recall elections. 

Can you sign up to make calls today, Monday, April 4th? 

David Prosser is the right-wing incumbent who voted with Scott Walker 95% of the time when they served in the legislature together. So it's no surprise Prosser has said he will "closely mirror" Walker's views on the court. 

JoAnne Kloppenburg is Wisconsin's current Assistant Attorney General and has a track record of standing up for the people. As a Supreme Court Justice, JoAnne will bring independence, integrity and -- most importantly -- a commitment to deciding cases on the facts and the law, not Scott Walker's political ambitions. 

Four conservative groups, including the Tea Party Express, have combined to spend $1.2 million so far on ads supporting Scott Walker Republican David Prosser and Sarah Palin has campaigned on his behalf. 

We can beat them with people-power. Please sign up to make calls right now.

Members of Democracy for America, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, and the Daily Kos community have made over 45,000 calls to voters since Thursday. This election could be decided by as few as 100 votes. There is nothing more important or effective we can do right now -- today -- then talk to voters and get them out to vote. 

Please don't wait to take action. Today's the day to win. 

Thank you for everything you do. 


Charles Chamberlain, Political Director 
Democracy for America

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