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Friday, April 8, 2011

GOP shows true colors. It's not about th

Its not about the deficit or national debt. It's about having an excuse to advance the conservative social agenda. The deficit is just an excuse to defund public radio, defund women health, defund education and destroy worker's rights and their livelihood. Same way that security and safety is an excuse for torture, racial profiling and persecution of Hispanics because they lean Democratic. The budget deficit and national debt are also an excuse to eliminate Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security.

However the budget deficit and national debt it's not an excuse to eliminate the trillion$ in tax expenditure benefiting the ultra rich and corporations. For the ultra rich and corporations conservatives apply a different reasoning. For ultra rich and corporations conservatives excuse CONTINUING the waste. This time recession and unemployment are excuses but to continue the welfare for the ultra rich and corporations. Again, trillion$ in tax breaks even though it has been proved that tax cuts only generate 30 cents in economic activity for each dollar of tax cuts given. Meanwhile direct help to the poor and middle class generate $1.50 in economic activity per each dollar invested because the poor and middle class spent most of it right away generating sales, profits, jobs, etc.

The bottom line is that conservatives dont care about ordinary Americans. Conservatives leaders are really puppets and agents of billionaires and corporations, inserted into the political saystem to watch and enhance their interests. These agents have managed, through a multi billionaire campaign of fear and prejudice, to brainwash millions of Americans into believing that acting against their own interests is in their best interest.

It's the con of all times and hopefully more and more people are finally getting the message.

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