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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Real questions for the Chamber Commerce's 'Jobs Summit'

Taken from Campaign For America's Future's Progressive Breakfast

James Parks has some real questions for the Chamber Commerce's 'Jobs Summit': "Here are three questions the AFL-CIO and working people would like to ask the Chamber: 1. Big corporations and Wall Street had their way for eight years under the Bush administration and weĆ¢€™re just beginning to undo the damage. Which corporation is the model to show there is too much government regulation? The Wall Street firms that tanked the economy? Massey Energy mining, whose long record of safety violations led to miners being killed? BP, whose long record of violations led to workers being killed and is still destroying the Gulf of Mexico? 2. Why are there no unemployed workers at your event? Millions of Americans are out of work and have lost their benefits. But according to the agenda, there is not a single one of them represented at this event. This shows the real purpose of their event. Not to create jobs for people, but to keep the status quo for Big Business and their profits. 3. If you think thereĆ¢€™s too much government regulation, can we continue to expect statements from Chamber President Tom Donohue that taxpayers should be responsible for corporate bad actions like he said about BP?"

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