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Sunday, July 11, 2010

If deficit is important there can't be sacred cows anymore

So the heartless Republicans and corporate Democrats "don't mind helping the unemployed and the states, as long as the measures are paid for" and I am sure that for the "paid for" part they meant cutting social programs to screw even more people.

What about the bloted, outdated cold war era defense budget? We spend more on "defense" that the rest of the world combined and a good chunk goes to defense contractors that keep running up the cost of the projects and we just keep paying because they are "sacred cows".

Well, if the deficit is so important that the nation can't even help its own people because of it, then there can't be sacred cows anymore.

Everything must be on the table, starting with the DoD budget. Let's see what the "fiscal conservatives" have to say about that.

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