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Sunday, July 18, 2010

It is beyond NAACP vs Tea Party, it is really NAACP vs GOP

NAACP asks Tea Party to remove Racists elements and their spokesman Mark Williams denies the Tea Party is Racists by posting a Racist statement on its blog. Now Mark Williams removed the racists blog post and the Tea Party fires Mark Williams to save face.

So does this mean the KKK won't be present anymore in Tea Party events or planning meetings?

It is naive to believe that Racists will just pack their bags and rot and die into a corner. Tea Party gave them a platform to express their hate against the first black president and they will continue to be a big constituency of the Tea Party (if not most).

Many may have forgotten the craziness after Obama was elected. The insults, the death threats, spit at black lawmakers, he vandalism, the signs, the effigies, etc. The Tea Party and the GOP are more than happy that people forget. A recent poll showing an almost perfect match between the Tea Party and the Republican Base gives you an idea of the Real GOP.

Make no mistake. Tea Party racism is GOP racism

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