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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Families USA: National Grassroots Meeting/Health Action 2009

National Grassroots Meeting
January 29-31, 2009
Renaissance Mayflower Hotel
Washington, DC

We stand at the edge of a new era in Washington and in our country – an era that holds great promise for health care reform to improve the lives of countless people. It is an exceptional opportunity for advocates and for those whose health may depend on reform.

At the same time, opposing interests are no doubt marshaling their resources to stop reform from happening. What does this all mean for health advocates and our work in the coming year?

It means we need to get ready. We need to:

build on our strengths,
sharpen our skills, and
hone our messages.

To borrow the words of President-elect Obama, “We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

So join us in January at Health Action 2009:

Hear powerful speeches from national leaders, including from the new Administration.
Listen to astute analysis from political experts and health policy wonks.
Get the latest on messages that work.
Enjoy the political satire of the Capitol Steps, who have no shortage of material this year.
Let your hair down with fellow health care advocates from across the U.S.

Health Action 2009 occurs mere days after we welcome the new Administration and Congress and kick off a year with real potential for significant health reform. The timing couldn’t be better. We hope you can join us.

Health Action 2009 is coming: January 29 to 31.

Were you one of the fortunate who attended last year's conference and witnessed first-hand the rousing remarks of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the late Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Gov. Mark Warner, CNN's Paul Begala, and many others?

No longer do you need to rely on watching the webcasts over and over again to relive your experience.

Perhaps you attended one of the over 35 workshops - ranging from Messaging 101 to Web 2.0 (Internet advocacy) to the Brave New World of State Medicaid Reform - and you can't wait for another opportunity to rub elbows and compare notes with health advocates from all over the country.

Did you attend in past years and hear President Bill Clinton or Vice President Al Gore? And are you now looking forward to hearing what national leaders have to say about 2009? This is your chance.

Health Action 2009: A great place to learn and share strategies with other advocates around the country and to recharge for the year ahead.

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