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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Are you the next Obama?

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When President-Elect Obama gets sworn in on Tuesday it will be because of you. DFA members knew a raising star early in Obama's race for the Senate back in 2004 and worked tirelessly on the ground for victory using the tools and tactics we've learned together.

In fact, since the early days of DFA's Campaign Academy, we've trained over 15,000 activists and hundreds of progressive candidates in the skills to win.

Who will be the next Obama?

While we may not know the answer yet, what we do know is the DFA Campaign Academy is likely to train him -- or her.

This year, we'll host our two-day intensive campaign trainings in communities all over the country. Today, I'm excited to announce the first 7 in:

Des Moines, IA February 28-March 1
Newport News, VA March 14-15
Melbourne, FL March 21-22
Fresno, CA March 28-29
Memphis, TN April 24-25
Lafayette, IN May 15-16
Charlotte, NC June 6-7

Can you make it to any of these events this year?

During his victory speech Obama said "This victory alone is not the change we seek. It is only for us the chance to make that change."

Ultimately, the power to change this country is in your hands, not in the hands of D.C politicians.

DFA Trainings bring together dozens of activists, candidates and campaign professionals for two days of intensive training and fun. Click above to learn more about our trainings and stay tuned for more training events to be announced in the coming months.

Our efforts over the past several years have taken us along way, but the hardest and most important work lies ahead. 2009 is our chance to re-build a progressive country for generations to come.

Join DFA at a 2009 training and we'll make it happen together.


Matt Blizek, Training Director
Democracy for America

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