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Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Denver post endorses Obama

an editorial posted on the paper's Web site and set to run in its Sunday edition, the Denver Post praised the Illinois senator as "the right man to lead America back to prosperity."
"In unsteady times, it may seem obvious to gravitate toward the veteran politician, but in this campaign, it's been the newcomer who has had the steady hand," the paper's editorial said.
The Denver Post also praised Obama's history as a community organizer and said it well prepared him to lead the country through its current financial woes.
"Republicans love to mock Obama's history as a community organizer," the paper said. "But here was a man with no money to offer, no patronage to dispense, no way to punish his opponents. All he could do was to work with people from all walks of life, liberals and conservatives, business people and the unemployed, and bring them together in common cause for a better community. Could there really be better preparation to reunite a worried and divided America to again pursue our "more perfect union"?

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