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Saturday, October 18, 2008

ACORN smear campaign by McCain/GOP continuation of U.S. Attorneys firing scandal

During the pastweek we have seen a GOP phony outrage on 'voter fraud' mainly on allegations of fraud commited by ACORN. However the truth is that all this outrage is a stunt coordinated between the Departmentof Justice, the White House and the Mccain campaign.
The DOJ & the FBI leaked to media the 'investigation on ACORN voter registration practices' with the purpose of giving McCain & GOP ammunition against Obama. We should remember that the FBI raided ACORN offices in Las Vegas using higher level of violence & hostility than situation demanded. The purpose was to create a spectacle.
The reality is that the Department of Justiceis in collusion with theMcCain campaign on this ACORN smear. The Obama campaign is calling the DOJ to investigate the relationship between DOJ, FBI, White House and McCain campaign on the ACORN investigation.
We may also remember the scandalof the 7 U.S. Attorney were fired by Bush Administration for political reasons under Alberto Gonzalez's tenure. Among the reasons for Bush Administration to fire these U.S. Attorneys were their negative to pursue phony Karl Rove/GOP voter fraud cases.Now we see that the ACORN leak and smear campaign onto which the GOP and McCaincampaign have jumped is just a continuation of the U.S. Attorneys firing scandal
The U.S. Attorneys firing scandal doomed the tenure of Alberto Gonzalez and Michael Mukasey promised he would conduct DOJ business honestly. We will see soon if Michael Mukasey is up to the task and his word to clean the DOJ of undue political pressure.

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