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Saturday, July 19, 2008

When press, the public and organizations will take a closer look to McCain's record toward women?

When press, the public and organizations will take a closer look to McCain's record toward women?

I am not referring to his record toward women access to birth control, women's rights to privacy healthcare or women rights in the workplace. That record is clearly horrible. I am referring to what appears to be a clear record of abuse and misogynistic behaviour and mentality.

McCain divorced his first wife who was an injured woman and after she waited all those years for him while he was a POW. And only five weeks later he marries the multimillionaire Cindy (probably for her money and influence). It is not too difficult to see that there was adultery involved. Then there has been constant reports that McCain has abused Cindy, if not physically, at least psychologically (she got addicted to prescription drugs and spousal abuse could be the root of it).

Add to the equation that McCain's has a record of hot temper. Add also his "jokes" against women (like the "joke" that women who get raped savagely really enjoy it).

McCain was a POW for many year, so he suffered lots of abuses that leave psychological damages and probably left sentiments and repressed anger that may very well manifest in violence. John McCain's famous public demonstration of hot temper could very well be only the somewhat controlled manifestation of that anger. But in private, that repressed anger may very well be manifested as violence against the people close to his wife for example.

In summary, I see a disturbing pattern of a mentality that thinks less of women, a pattern of aggression and violence that also reflects against women. A person that is someway mentally disturbed and damaged.

If this is the person that aspires to be the next commander in chief, I hope that someone better really scrutinizes this person's psychological and mental health before it's too late.

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