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Sunday, July 27, 2008

CNN: "McCain camp rips Obama for cutting troop visit"

CNN: "McCain camp rips Obama for cutting troop visit"

Very pathetic of McCain and his camp to criticize Obama for not visiting troops, while overseas, when it was the Pentagon that raised "concerns".

As a matter of fact, McCain would have criticized anyway. If Obama would have visited the troops in Germany, McCain would have argued that he was using the troops for political gain (as the trip to Europe was a political trip). If Obama would have cancelled (as he did) to avoid that perception, then you see their comments now.

Can you believe a politician complaining that the opponent did not visit more people while on a campaign trip? Not only was the pentagon that show "concerns", but it is also highly inappropriate of McCain to criticize Obama on this and it shows the level of desperation, emptiness and lack of message and solutions of McCain.

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