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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

CNN: Rep. Wilson calls Obama 'frighteningly inexperienced'


Obama is frrrrrrightening...brrrrr....buuuuu!

I am sure Obama is very frightening...but to republicans. Change is always frightening to lovers of inaction and status quo.

But  I am  sure that for the soldiers in Iraq, the unemployed and the uninsured at home, they all crave for the change and hope that Obama brings and November 4 can't just arrive fast enough.

On Experience - Dick Cheney and Ronald Rumsfeld. Two of the most experienced public figures in D.C. Rumsfeld had proven himself to be the most inept war manager. Under Cheney's presidency our economy, our constitution and our global standing are down the drain.

And for McCain, he is so experienced that after 40+ years in Washington and public service, what does he offer as continue Bush presidency for 3rd term and Cheney's policies for 4 more years...

WOW! that experience in action!

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